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About the Consul


Diplomatic and economic relations between the Philippines and the Russian Federation have grown steadily in the past two decades, culminating in the 2007 appointment of a new Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation for the Philippines: Armi Lopez Garcia.

Since the 1990s, Consul Garcia has worked tirelessly as a private citizen to promote cultural exchange and business ties between the countries, organizing art exhibits in the Philippines, bringing a contingent of Filipino dancers to Russia, and leading successful business missions and exhibitions.

Now Consul Garcia serves in a greater capacity in a role that she clearly loves, as official liaison between Russia and the Philippine provinces of Cebu, Bohol and Aklan. Her goals are clear: making progress in diplomacy, international politics, international business, and the arts; strengthening relationships further; facilitating greater cultural understanding between Russians and Filipinos; and seeking out opportunities that are mutually beneficial for the two nations.

Through her numerous travels, and many friendships with Russian nationals, Consul Garcia has discovered that Filipinos and Russians have many things in common: a love of camaraderie, strong religious roots and a mixed European-Asian heritage. She sees a strong and interdependent link between tourism, trade and investment, and is working hard to move the Philippine-Russian relationship forward in all of these areas.

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