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About the Philippine-Russian Business Assembly (PRBA)


The PHILIPPINE – RUSSIAN BUSINESS ASSEMBLY (PRBA) is the principal organization that drives business relations between the Philippines and the Russian Federation.

Formed in 2009, it is the first of its kind—a pioneering effort to create opportunities and improve economic ties between the countries. The organization is currently expanding its membership and inviting all business entities in both countries to participate in new avenues for travel, cultural exchange, trade and investment.

Its flagship project, the Philippine-Russian Business Forum was launched in 2009 and is currently running on its 2nd year. The 2nd Philippine-Russian Business Forum and Exhibition (2010) brings together representatives from Russian and Philippine business in a dialogue of equals. This year, the theme is “Moving forward together”. It signifies the drive of both countries to build on common objectives, propelling further tourism, trade and investment and greater economic and socio-cultural exchange.

The Forum is scheduled on October 21-24, 2010 in Cebu, Philippines.

For more information, please email info@prbai.com or post your comments on this page.

Why Become a Member of the Philippine – Russian Business Assembly (PRBA)?

-Numerous investment opportunities in various sectors, including (but not limited to) real estate, banking, mining, shipping, hotels and restaurants, etc.

-Legal support: Expedite registration of your business with the SEC, assistance in all necessary permits, the use of qualified attorneys, franchise, royalty and patents.

-Banking support: Opening of bank accounts, loan processing, credit extension, appraisals etc.

-Immigration support: Investor’s visa, retirement visa, quota visa, non-immigrant visa extensions and work permits.

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Why be a Member of the Philippine-Russian Business Assembly?

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What is the PRBAI?
Philippine-Russian Business Assembly

is the principal organization that drives business relations between the Philippines and the Russian Federation.

We boost business by bringing governments, business chambers & individuals together