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Why be a Member of the Philippine-Russian Business Assembly?

PRBA FORUM 2011 (6)

The Philippine-Russian Business Assembly (PRBA) is currently boosting its membership profile by encouraging all companies, Philippine or Russian-owned, to look into new markets and find new opportunities for trade.

With global economic trends shifting, we believe it is worthwhile looking into new business and economic ties between our countries.

The PRBA has launched its information campaign via its international events; the Philippine-Russian Business Forum and Exhibition being its flagship activity. The Forum has attracted considerable attention in the global press, as well as created a buzz within the Philippine and Russian business chambers. Well-attended and now on its 3rd year, the Forum has helped to bridge the gap in information and understanding and encouraged business matching among Filipino and Russian delegates.

The Russians see the Philippines as a gateway to ASEAN and a hub for tourism and trade. Filipinos are interested in tapping the Russian market and exporting many Philippine  products that fulfill Russia’s trade requirements. As of today, the trade deficit between both countries is large; the Philippines is not exporting enough products to Russia and that is one aspect that the PRBA hopes to encourage.

Members of the PRBA can expect first access to such trade opportunities and more.

Here are some of the privileges that PRBA members will enjoy upon being accepted into the organization:

1) The latest business intelligence. Priority access to information and opportunities.

2) Building a power network. Priceless chance to meet key businesspeople from both Philippine and Russian circles.

3) Access to VIP events

4) Travel and trade opportunities

5) Be part of an international member’s listing. Build your company’s credibility.

6) Participation in business matching

7) Advertising and promotion

These, and many more, make it worthwhile to be a member of the PRBA.

To apply for membership, kindly fill up our membership inquiry form on the link below:


We look forward to hearing from you!









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PRBA FORUM 2011 (6)

Why be a Member of the Philippine-Russian Business Assembly?

The Philippine-Russian Business Assembly (PRBA) is currently boosting its membership profile by encouraging all companies,

What is the PRBAI?
Philippine-Russian Business Assembly

is the principal organization that drives business relations between the Philippines and the Russian Federation.

We boost business by bringing governments, business chambers & individuals together